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In 2006, 2 friends came together seeking a creative outlet. Their shared history was steeped in the world of make believe. From the time they could crawl, they spent their Octobers roaming through the halls of the Lincoln Jaycee's haunted house and spent their weekends immersed in the fantasy world; from galaxies far, far away, to Greased Lighting, to the world of horror. This led to basement haunted houses and endless hours of storytelling. Finally, in 2006, they were able to see their creations come alive with a professional haunted house. The next year, they added to this by creating a Zombie Walk flash mob. Over the years the Zombie Walk grew into the Lincoln ZombieFest. The first haunted house closed and a new, multi-haunt was created. Eagle Hollow Haunts has become one of Nebraska's Halloween destination attractions.
In 2016, after 10 years, the Lincoln ZombieFest came to an end. In the wake of its closing they realized there was still a hunger for creative activities, and thus Portal Events was created. The imaginative vision of this new company is bred from the long history of these two creative friends. Portal Events focuses on creating events that Transport you into the world of make believe, and will host events focused on creating a world of make believe where participants can let go of reality and live the fantasy.
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Previous events from Portal Events include the Lincoln Zombiefest and Nexus.